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Business Case Solutions

Directional is the sole Asia-Pacific consulting partner to Shark Finesse. Shark’s ROI software automates the creation of Return on Investment (ROI) business cases for presentation and budget approval.

Shark is used by sales professionals in businesses across the globe ranging in size from small to multi-national, selling everything from logistics to chemicals, management consulting to software. Major clients include HP, SAS, Verizon, SAP, Microsoft, Orange, Royal Mail and Hunstman Chemicals.

Many clients buy the software as it comes, or we can rapidly customise it to your specific ROI measurement criteria, segmented to fit your offerings and the industries and functions you sell into. This approach gives your salespeople pre-defined value propositions for every customer they engage.

Help is available via Deal Clinics where a Directional consultant accompanies your sales person to assist in producing a business case. We help assess your customer's needs - reducing your sales cycle and improving your conversion rates. Deal clinic effectiveness is proven - of the 20 deal clinics that have now been run for a major business software vendor, they have won 17.

We also offer ROI web solutions to help educate your audience online and improve engagement. These are used for web-based lead generation and by telesales teams to help build the value of their services with their clients. Try this version to see an example.




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