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Sales Intelligence

The Challenge  
Business-to-Business sales organizations understand that to achieve greater success, they must:  

  • Sell higher in organizations
  • Escape from support functions like IT and procurement and sell to the Lines of Business (LoB)
  • Sell solutions to business issues, not features and functions

In order to be successful, a sales team must be well prepared for its client interactions.                                        

  • The greatest disappointment for senior client executives when meeting with a sales team is the lack of preparedness of the team.
  • Senior executives expect the people who call on them to understand their industry, their market conditions, and their business.

The internet, while valuable, provides more confusion than insight, leaving sales teams ill-prepared for the challenges they face.

  • Too much information, a lot of it false
  • It is difficult to organize and more difficult to interpret and understand




The Solution  
Stratascope provides a real-time sales and marketing intelligence portal, that has been developed specifically for consulting and technology sales businesses, to help you increase win rates, reduce sales cycles and increase deal sizes.
By analysing data from stock exchanges and other databases across the globe, the system enables your account teams to drill deep into targeted accounts, explore business issues that executives in these accounts are likely to be focused on, and map potential solutions to these issues.

The market intelligence in Stratascope gives sales teams a significant competitive edge. 
Stratascope’s client base includes:

  • Microsoft recently used Stratascope to research 1,700 key accounts to help with account planning.
  • Cisco has rolled the portal out to 700 salespeople globally to enable them to explore key accounts for opportunities, accelerate industry alignment and improve executive engagement.
  • Oracle, SAP, BusinessObjects, Novell, IBM, Fujitsu, HP, Siemens, Hyperion, Cognos, Infosys, Juniper, 3M and Motorola are amongst Stratascope’s other clients.

How does Directional support Stratascope users?
As Stratascope's Asia-Pacific partner, Directional provides training, deal-coaching and consulting on the portal. We use the portal in training and development projects such as:

  • Business Acumen training focused on building the skills of salespeople to confidently discuss financial and business-specific issues and explain how their solutions help address these business issues.
  • Vertical Value Creation workshops, targeted at account teams focused on growing business in specific industries.
  • Executive Engagement workshops that develop the skills of salespeople to engage at the executive level on business-related issues.

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