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optimising your sales team - public workshops october 2008


Sales Management

Building a High-Performance Sales Team
For Sales Managers, Sales Directors and Managing Directors

  • Do you want to maximise sales team performance?
  • Are you hiring new sales staff and want to ensure you select high-performers?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve sales team motivation and management

Recruiting, managing and motivating sales people are challenging but critical drivers of success for most businesses. This fast-paced workshop focuses on the issues you need to consider if your team is going to generate the best returns for your business. We’ll discuss how best to recruit, induct, train and pay sales people and the management techniques needed to keep them motivated and focused.

There’s no fluff or waffle in this workshop. Just hard-hitting, proven material that works.

Content overview
1. Recruitment
We begin by reviewing the nine critical steps involved in effectively recruiting sales professionals, from clearly defining the nature of the sales role, through defining job crtieria and key performance indicators and how to select sales people appropriate to your business needs.

2. Induction
We then review the ingredients of an effective induction program. This critical step has a substantial impact on the time a new recruit takes to   start delivering results, and the morale of that person.

3. Sales process
Having recruited our sales team, we'll then look at how we mould it into a high performing team, beginning with the seven characteristics of a good sales process. We'll discuss how to build / refine a sales process specific to the type of products or services your team sells. We explore how to use this process to increase win rates, improve coaching and make sales forecasting more accurate.

4. The Motivation Mix
We then explore the key drivers of motivation among sales professionals, including pay plans, financial and non-financial incentives, leadership methods, management tools and hygiene factors.

5. Coaching
We’ll discuss coaching on three key drivers of sales performance –
Sales Skills Coaching - to improve face-to-face skills and behaviours
Sales Strategy Coaching - to improve call planning, account strategy and sales effectiveness
Sales Process Coaching - to improve productivity and efficiency



 6. Skills analysis and training needs
Using a comprehensive competency survey, we'll consider how to identify and address skill gaps and performance issues in the sales team.

Workshop Methodology
Directional workshops are based on the latest adult learning principles. By keeping participant numbers small, we ensure a highly interactive session with lots of opportunity for participants to debate and discuss key topics.
To maximise your opportunity to apply workshop topics to your own situation, we use a four step methodology:

  • We introduce each learning area
  • We discuss real-life examples of the learning with you and other participants, to bring out the key learning points
  • We use exercises, role plays and case studies to apply the learning to real-life scenarios.
  • Debriefing the results of each exercise ensures you get the most from each learning area. 

Workshop Objectives
This workshop will help you improve sales team performance by covering:

  • the key steps needed to effectively recruit and induct high-performing sales people
  • how to maximise sales results and improve forecasting accuracy through defining sales processes
  • how to maximise motivation through financial and non-financial techniques
  • how to coach sales professionals in the three key areas that impact performance – sales skills, sales strategy and sales process  

Workshop format
The workshop can de delivered in either a one or two day format. Each covers the same material, but in the extended format, we allow a large amount of time for each participant to both role play and observe each of the key aspects of coaching with a particular focus on challenging situations, eg performance issues around business development, sales results etc.

So what are the benefits?
This is not a theoretical presentation or lecture. It will be a practical, hands-on review of the critical ingredients needed to build and manage a successful sales function.
By weaving exercises with our well-structured and powerful recruitment process, you will leave the workshop with a proven framework for improving sales team effectiveness.

In the two-day format, you will practise key skills in giving feedback and coaching, which will increase your confidence and competence.

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