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Sales Coaching and Training for Sales
Professionals and Teams

Following is an example of some of the training Directional can offer in classroom format or as part of an ongoing coaching program. We regularly tailor modules for specific needs.

Maximising the Sales Process 
In this module we review the key steps in the buying and selling process, the selling tasks needed to advance the sale and the objectives of each step. Key outcomes include understanding how to accelerate sales, improve close rates and shorten sales cycles. For more information - Click Here

Creating Partnerships with Clients
The workshop begins by reviewing the differences between ‘client-supplier’ vs ‘client-partner’ relationships. We'll look at how typical 'client-partner' relationships last longer and are three times as valuable as typical 'client-supplier' relationships.

Consultative Selling Skills
Effective questioning techniques are critical in most sales situations. This module looks at a professional questioning approach designed to help clarify client needs and gain the client’s agreement to advancing the sales process.
For more information - Click Here

Territory Planning
This workshop helps participants maximise the productivity of their territory and identify live new revenue streams using a repeatable process. We explore strategies to optimise the whole territory by considering brand leverage, product/service benefits, partner capability and prioritising industry sectors.

Having an Opinion / Value Creation
A sales person without an opinion is like a book without a plot – after a short time we wonder why we are spending any time with it.

This workshop enables a sales team to identify how to create value for a client by taking an holistic approach to their business.
The workshop content builds on existing Account Management and Opportunity Planning training, giving participants the attitude and perspective of a non-executive director to the client.

Key Account Management
Major accounts require planning and teamwork to win and grow.
This module applies techniques such as multi-level selling, decision-maker / decision-influencer analysis and opportunity assessment in a simple but powerful account planning process.


Managing Client Politics
We are at great risk in a consultative sales cycle of having our ideas plagiarised internally or stolen by competitors. We can only combat these risks by building strong relationships with politically powerful individuals – the Value Champion and the Value Sponsor. In this workshop participants learn a behavioural model that helps them to build relationships with those individuals who contribute to the decision making process.

Qualifying and Managing a Consultative Engagement
Longer consultative sales cycles require sophisticated techniques to manage and progress. Without these techniques, the risk of delay and low win-rates are all too prevalent. This workshop teaches a methodology to enable the sales professional to determine the likelihood of a project progressing, thus improving the likelihood of success.

Profit Storm® 1 – Understanding Finance
This workshop is designed to build the financial and business acumen of your sales team. By using a business simulation that places participants in the role of a management team, they will understand how business decisions impact the financial performance of a company and develop the skills needed to understand financial reports and build a financial value case. For more information - Click Here

Profit Storm 2 – Building the Value Proposition / CxO Relevancy
In this session participants will learn how to identify each client’s / stakeholder's objectives, what’s driving each objective, how it will be addressed and the payback or consequence of taking that action.
Based on that information, your sales team will build a Profit Matrix, using key performance indicators that will help them rank each stakeholder’s objectives in terms of ease of implementation, risk and value. Finally, participants learn how to link the benefits of your solution to the specific goal of each stakeholder.

Effective Negotiation Techniques
We look at negotiation as a process comprising four steps - Preparing your Negotiation Strategy, Opening the Negotiation, Bargaining and Getting Agreement. At each step, we review the key activities and components that need to be understood using exercises and role plays to reinforce the learning. We deliver versions of this workshop for sales teams, buying teams and those who negotiate internally in a business.

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