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Strategy and Consulting

Directional consultants have provided strategy and consulting services to a wide variety of businesses from start-up to Cisco, Fuji Xerox, QBE, CBA and Fujitsu. Following are examples of our areas of focus.

Business Planning Using Balanced Scorecards
All business divisions need a plan, their road map for business. Directional can assist with the preparation and facilitation of detailed plans for circumstances where a comprehensive approach is required. Alternatively, we can facilitate brief, high level business evaluations, suitable for annual updates and reviews. Using methodologies such as Balanced Scorecard, plus our own Business and Sales & Marketing Diagnostics, we bring significant expertise, objectivity and knowledge to the planning process.

Sales Culture Alignment
Every year millions are spent by businesses re-defining their strategies and re-structuring to accommodate or capitalise on market changes. In many cases this effort and expense will not produce the results hoped for because of the commonly ignored topic of Sales Culture.
Sales Cultural Alignment is about ensuring each aspect of your customer engagement process is aligned to the way your clients want to buy. This buying process will vary by situation and product/service - a commodity may be procured by tender, while a highly consultative solution will need a more complex sales engagement.
By aligning each part of your business to the correct sales culture, sales strategies are more effectively deployed, resulting in a quicker return on investment.

Building a High Performance Sales Team
Recruiting, managing and motivating sales people are critical for a business’ success. This fast-paced workshop / consultancy focuses on the issues you need to consider if your team is going to generate the best returns for your business. We discuss how best to recruit, induct, train and pay sales people and the techniques needed to coach, motivate and manage them. For more information - Cick Here

Maximising the Sales Process 
In this module we review the key steps in the buying and sales process, the selling tasks needed to advance the sale and the objectives of each step. Key outcomes include understanding how to accelerate sales, improve close rates and shorten sales cycles.

Sales and Marketing Intelligence Portal
Directional is the Asia-Pacific consulting and training partner to Stratascope’s sales and marketing intelligence portal. This tool has been developed specifically for business-to-business sales organisations, to help you increase win rates, reduce sales cycles and increase deal sizes.
For more information - Click Here



Improving Sales and Marketing Intelligence; Align Solutions by Industry Vertical
The best sales teams quickly uncover the strategic issues facing their clients and demonstrate how their solutions help address these issues. Stratascope's sales intelligence portal helps sales & marketing teams build their understanding of targeted industries and businesses very quickly. Directional provides business acumen and executive engagement training using this intelligence.
Businesses such as SAP, Fuji Xerox, Oracle, Siemens, Cisco, Novell, HP, Cognos and Microsoft use these services. For more information - Click Here

Value Identification
Value Identification is a process which sales people and teams can use to produce new sales campaigns based upon the ability to create value for clients in areas which those clients have not yet identified. The workshop is designed to create new sales opportunities by industry sector, territory or account using a repeatable process.
It answers the following questions:

  • How can we maximise return on investment in product / service capability?
  • How can we see in the sector what clients cannot see, and use this to create value for our clients?
  • Where is there new sector activity?
  • What trends are affecting our client?
  • How can we align our solutions to trends in the client’s sector?
  • How much potential value can we create for the client?

Competency Assessment and Training Needs Analysis
We conduct competency assessments across sales teams using a mix of interviews and web-based surveys, in a wide variety of languages.
From these assessments we help clients build training and development plans recognising that adult learning needs a mix of development techniques, within an ‘action-learning’ framework. Formal training typically comprises about 10% of a development plan. 70% comes from structured on-the-job activities; the balance from effective coaching.

Bid Strategy and Winning Major Deals
Compliance with bid requirements, a glossy presentation and a good price are no longer sufficient to win major competitive bids. Directional offers some of the most advanced business development methodologies and training available for winning major deals.

To date, we have facilitated bid projects worth over $2 billion, with a win rate of 91% by $ bid for.

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