Building high performance team

Building a High Performing Team

These two half-day workshops are hands-on, practical and highly effective sessions designed specifically for managers responsible for developing and leading high-performing sales or operational teams.

Workshop 1 (8.30am to 12.30pm) – Leading and Motivating your Team 


  • Understand your leadership / authority style and how different styles are suited to different people and circumstances
  • Identify the motivational needs of your team-members
  • Understand your preferred management style and how to apply different styles to meet the different needs of your team-members
  • Build a leadership, motivation and management action plan for each of your team


It’s often said that good people don’t leave jobs, they leave their managers. Good leadership is critical to building, developing and keeping effective teams. The payback is greater job satisfaction for both the leader and the team-members, and better results from the team.

Workshop 1 explores the critical management, leadership and motivational models you need to understand to be able to effectively lead different people. At each stage, we’ll review the key ingredients of success and then apply this knowledge to a series of scenarios, helping you quickly understand your own intuitive approach to leadership and how to lead different people.

We then explore the key drivers of motivation, including financial and non-financial incentives, leadership methods, recognition and social factors.
By the end of the workshop, you will have identified the motivational needs of each of your team and mapped each person against Skill / Will and Management Styles models. You’ll leave with a leadership, motivation and management action plan for each of your team.

Workshop 2 (1.30pm to 5.30pm) – Foundations of Coaching


  • Understand and practice using the GROW model for non-directive coaching
  • Use effective questioning, listening and summarising skills to maximum effect
  • How to constructively challenge behaviour or limiting perspectives


Too often, ‘coaching’ is perceived by the one on the receiving end as a criticism or attack. The common result is no change at best; resentment, friction and deteriorating performance at worst.

In workshop 2, we’ll look at the key attributes of effective coaching. Instead of a parent-child style of giving feedback, we’ll build on the well-established GROW model for collaborative, constructive coaching.  Through a series of exercises, you’ll learn how to draft and use positive, non-directive questioning and listening techniques for different situations.

We’ll explore the filters that people need to see past to understand different perspectives, and how to gain agreement to key issues. We’ll look at how to manage underperformance or poor behaviour by using Challenge and Control techniques in a positive way.

We’ll pull these techniques together as part of a GROW coaching session, focused on getting commitments from the coachee that they buy into and act on.

These are not theoretical presentations or lectures. They are practical, hands-on reviews of the critical ingredients needed to build and manage a successful team.

By weaving exercises with our well-structured and powerful techniques, you will leave the workshop with a proven framework for improving team effectiveness.

The workshop will be led by Paul Howdle, Managing Consultant of Directional. Paul has led similar workshops for clients ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals such as Fuji Xerox, ADT/Tyco and Kelloggs. Paul was one of the three-man team that established and grew Fuji Xerox Global Services from zero to contracting $76m in three years. He then moved into executive management at Logical (now part of IBM) before founding Directional in 2004. For two years he was also a guest lecturer at Australia’s top-rated business school – the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Participants who attend both workshops will receive free email / phone coaching for 30 days after the workshop, on implementing the workshop learning in your business.

Comments from participants on previous workshops

Fabulous analysis of the sales manager’s day-to-day challenges.

Tracy Hart, Sales Director, IIR Australia

Very practical….very interactive.

Chris Manion, Sydney Branch Manager, Otis Elevators

A lot of good content.

Bruce Hitchcock, National Field Sales Manager, Kellogg's

Your practical experience brings the theory to real life.

Ken Lu, State Sales Manager - NSW, Electrolux

A lot of good stuff in a concise fashion.

Sarah Mellish, National Sales Director, SHL

Very informative. Great new ideas.

Jason Edwards, NSW Sales Manager, Star Track Express

Very useful. Great ideas on the management process and in general.

Doug McFarlane, National Sales Manager, DriveAway Holidays

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