Consultative selling skills

Consultative selling skills

For sales professionals, sales managers and others involved in selling to businesses and government bodies.

  • Do you need a consultative approach to win sales?
  • Are you looking for ways to speed-up long sales cycles and increase win-rates?
  • Is your sales process as effective as it could be?

With larger value business / government purchases, clients focus even more closely on solving real needs for their organisation. Purchases are prioritised against how well they meet the strategic imperatives facing the organisation. Nice-to-haves are delayed, or simply struck from the business plan. Investments that have a long-term payback are re-considered as cash is protected for those projects that provide faster returns.

To win business in these situations, you need to sell consultatively.

This workshop covers some of the most important fundamentals of consultative selling – how to uncover strong business needs and develop compelling reasons why your solutions can help.

This workshop will help you improve sales results by:

  • Learning a simple but powerful consultative questioning process designed to get fast clarification of the client’s needs.
  • Learning how to build compelling reasons for the client to buy your solutions.
  • Understanding the way your clients make decisions.
  • Recognising the barriers to a sale and how to reduce them.
  • Developing techniques to qualify your clients as viable prospects.

Now more than ever, it’s critical for sales people to clearly uncover strong client needs and connect the value of your solution to them.

We’ll start by introducing a questioning technique that will help you plan your sales calls better and uncover the client’s needs more effectively.

Chances are your clients will follow a buying process, even if it’s informal. Ensuring the way you sell is closely aligned to this buying process is an important next step in maximising sales results. So we’ll workshop how to refine your sales process, including the tasks and steps you need to take at each stage to progress the sale as quickly as possible.

As we work through this process, we’ll review a powerful qualification model, and discuss how to use this to help accelerate sales.

Throughout the workshop we’ll use a mix of best-practice sales techniques, case studies and exercises. These will bring the learning alive, make it interesting and help you transfer the learning quickly and effectively to your own sales environment.

This is not a theoretical presentation or lecture. It will be a practical, hands-on opportunity for you to improve your actual sales skills and process. Using our simple, well-structured and powerful sales tools, you will leave the workshop with a sound framework to accelerate sales.

The workshop will be led by Paul Howdle, Managing Consultant of Directional. Paul has led similar workshops for clients ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals such as Fuji Xerox and CSC. Paul was one of the three-man team that established and grew Fuji Xerox Global Services from zero to contracting $76m in three years. He then moved into executive management at Logical (now part of IBM) before founding Directional in 2004. For two years he was also a guest lecturer at Australia’s top-rated business school – the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Comments from participants on previous workshops

Very good. All Account Managers should attend

Eric Lim, Fuji Xerox Global Services, Singapore

Very worthwhile and timely

Gary Venter, Head, Fuji Xerox Global Services NZ

Overall a refreshing approach to sales and planning. Excellent content and well presented.

Carl Moreton, National Sales Manager, Amorim Australia

An excellent course for both sales people and non-sales people

Service Delivery Director, CSC Australia

Excellent content on approaches to selling from a client’s perspective. Some compelling points to further implement.

Sean Rudder, Sales Manager, Sheldon Commercial Interiors

The workshop was stimulating. The whole sales team will benefit from this.

Bob Foster, National Sales Manager, Tyrrell's Wines

Great. Good pace, delivered in a positive way. A bit of fun along the way too.

Narelle Dunn, Senior Consultant, Perceptor

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