“VST allows us to engage in a systematic way with partners country by country in EMEA. This means that we have a consistent approach and can plan our alliance efforts more accurately. The result has been increased business in the first year of full use.”
Roger Labrell,
Director Alliances,

Alliance Best Practice helps clients increase the value of their strategic alliance relationships. Our VST methodology is used by around 70% of the world’s leading IT and telco companies, plus leading businesses in consulting, advisory, pharmaceutical and other sectors.

While much of our work focuses on growing existing partnerships between industry majors, small and mid tier clients that we have worked with have increased alliance revenue by between 250% and 650% within 18 months.

  1. Segmentation Strategy
    Getting the balance of investment (time, $, resources) right between different partners
  2. Underdog Alliances
    Getting traction with larger players
  3. Improving mindshare
    Improving engagement to drive a larger share of wallet
  4. Getting consistent results across different regions, industries, teams etc
    Maximising returns from the alliance
  5. Driving commitment to joint planning
    Ensuring plans get executed with integrity
  6. Improving ‘Interlock’ with partners
    Getting better alignment of people, teams, go-to- market strategy etc

Our unique Vision-Skills- Trust (VST) benchmarking is founded on 52 Common Success Factors (CSFs) that have been statistically proven to contribute to alliance success. These CSFs are based on interviews with over 3,600 alliance executives responsible for over 600 strategic alliance relationships in the last 14 years.

Benchmarking ensures we can help you start the alliance planning process with a clear and objective understanding of the strengths and prioritised needs of each alliance relationship.

We offer a broad range of Alliance enablement services, including:

  • We use the VST alliance methodology to facilitate Vision and Go-to-Market planning workshops between partner teams
  • We help you qualify and create new partner relationships, and build partner ecosystems based on shared goals and well-defined strategies.
  • We leverage the full suite of Directional’s assessment, training, account and opportunity planning tools and software to help implement your alliance plans, and drive ongoing success.
  • We drive a governance process to ensure your carefully prepared plans are executed.

Our Alliance Best Practice Forums, run in London, Silicon Valley, Australia and Singapore, provide an industry leadership, education and networking opportunity for our growing network of 7,000 alliance executives.