“Penrith Christian School has been using the Silent Edge software for over a year now as a robust staff development system. The software has allowed our executive team to assess teachers against the national standards with ease, accuracy and efficiency. The team has been very impressed by the efficacy of operation and ability to collect real data very quickly. Built into the system is a coaching platform that allows improvement-focussed discussions and goals to be established and monitored. This software has changed the way we coach staff and brought real improvements to the pedagogy being practiced in our school.”
Bruce Nevill
Penrith Christian School, NSW

Improving Teacher Certification and Development

Directional’s Talent Performance System provides a robust, easy-to-use online evaluation and coaching platform for schools to meet both the AITSL teacher certification needs, and also support teachers’ ongoing professional development.

  • The Talent Performance System is a framework and toolset that enables teachers to develop individually and perform as a school
  • It provides alignment with school expectations
  • It simplifies how to use the AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) competency model by using the latest technology and practices
  • It helps teachers and faculty leaders have productive and focused development conversations
  • It will help you achieve / maintain certification at all levels of the APST teaching standards
  • It reinforces what you’re already good at, allowing you to build on your strengths
  • It provides a clear focus for coaching
  • It empowers you to take ownership of what you can do to improve
  • It’s an ongoing foundation for continuous development
  1. Robust, proven, easy-to-use methodology
    Silent Edge has been used to evaluate,coach and develop more than 15,000 people so far. Our methodology and technology are robust and proven, quick and easy to use on iPad / tablet / notebook PC / Macbook.
  2. Tailored for evaluating against the APST accurately and objectively
    We’ve turned the APSTcompetency frameworks into clear, unambiguous Yes/No measures, significantly improving objectivity and accuracy in the evaluation process.
  3. Easily customised to your needs
    We can tailor our evaluation model to your detailed needs, for example teaching techniques and questioning models.
  4. Evaluate live teaching skills, and all other teacher competencies
    Simple online tools are specifically designed for accurate evaluation and to gather evidence, in the classroom and elsewhere.
  5. Designed to get strong buy-in and acceptance from the teacher
    The transparency and objectivity of the evaluation process, and structure of the results displayed in our Talent Performance Portal, are designed to maximise acceptance from the teacher.
  6. Competency models available for multiple roles and applications
    We can extend our approach to all other roles and assessment applications.

The Talent Performance Portal provides rich and deep data at teacher, faculty and school level, supporting teacher development at all levels, with coaching enablement built into the system